How to processing a tombstone

1. Mining of the Stone
A formed tombstone is mostly made of granite. And these stones need to be mined in blocks from different quarries. The granite stones used in tombstones mainly include: Shanxi black, Sesame black, G664, as well as imported Indian red, Orion, Aurora and so on.

2. Processing of the stone
The mined blocks will be shipped to the factory for processing and cutting machine will cut big blocks to small blocks according to tombstone’s drawings.

3. Polishing the slabs
Normally for big surface, we’ll use automatic polished machine to polishing the top surface, for example like headstone and cover plate. And using the hand grind polishing machine to polished the small edges.

4. Carving and shaping the headstone
Generally, headstones will be engraved with some patterns for the luxurious appearance. Making shape as per different customer’s drawings.

5. Installation and check quality before packing
Since the tombstones are processed by parts, after all the parts are processed, all the processed parts should be installation and check the quality. A complete set of installation is important. If there is a problem and need to be modified, it must be corrected immediately, so to make sure everything is perfect and avoid problems when the goods arrive at the customer’s side.

6. Packing & Loading
Use foam and wooden frames to classify and package products according to different elements, and be sure to putting the shipping marks clearly stick outside the package to avoid product confusion.

From the above processing process, it can be seen that a seemingly simple tombstone has a lot of work to do behind it, not only the processing of stone materials, but also a great test for the technical level of every craftsman. Since tombstone processing is not an assembly line operation, each processing process must be done in strict accordance with the requirements.

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